You think you’ve got it bad…let me tell you, you haven’t seen nuthin’ yet!

On 12/10/05 my life, what I thought, took a turn for the worse

I had a massive stroke, a bleed in the brain -- a hemorrhagic stroke. Only 30% survive the first 72 hours. I spent over two months in the hospital. Re-learning how to walk and talk. When I checked-out, I was in a wheelchair and could only answer “yes” to every question – although I meant “no”. I kid you not! That was about over six years ago. Now I walk, sometimes, with help of a cane, can get my arm level with my head, and my speech has improved 124.452%! Wowwie! My speech therapist challenged me with this statement: "You know, David, why not try stand-up comedy or reach a new audience? Besides, I like your jokes...when you can get them out." (Funny, that Natalie.) Anyway, I've decided to become a stand-up comedian. After 30 months, I’m getting pretty good at this. Plus, I’m performing around SF Bay Area.

I already have had a stroke, so what’s next?

Let’s tell my story in comedic-way

I learn that life is what you make of it

When nature and God decides you need to rest…of your life OFF, I listen. NOW…I listen.

- It’s my unique perspective from my experiences in my new life.

I make people laugh at themselves with my wit, funny insights and poignant personality.

- My philosophy is expressed in three goals: Every stroke is different; you reap, what you sow and


The Givers of Pain & Delight

The goal for rehabilitation following a stroke is to return the patient to the highest level of functionality possible.

Due to the neurological effects of a stroke, in which the ability of patients to perform everyday actions is often severely limited,

the rehabilitation process involves teaching a patient how to perform those actions-like speech, walking, eye-hand coordination,

and using the restroom-that were lost during the stroke.

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I, David Hukari
suffered a massive stroke, turning that into a stand-up routine
For the purpose of working with Wounded Warriors.

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